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  • Lemon Marinated Fried Anchovies

  • Home made Croquettes

  • Parcheesi of Dumplings

    4 items.

  • Tapas and Skewers Selections

    Marbella Patio 5 Different items

  • Platter of Iberian Meats

    Acorn Serrano Ham, Cured Pork Loin, Cured Cheese, Sausage and Salami Iberian

  • Ibérico Ham P. N.

    Reserva 5 Jotas

  • Steamed Mussels

  • Spicy Prawns Pil-Pil

    With Garlic and Chilli

  • Fresh Calamari Fried

  • **Grilled Seasonal Vegetables

  • Beef Carpaccio

    Con Base de Lechuga, Aguacate, Queso Fresco, Tomate Cherry y Langostino Crujiente

  • *Marbella Patio Salad

    A House special salad with Lettuce, Tomato, Carrot, Sweetcorn, Fresh seasonal Fruits, Avocado, Boiled Egg, Prawns and Crab

  • *Tuna Salad

    Lettuce, Tomato, Red Pepper, Onion, Cucumber and Tuna in a light dressing

  • *Typical Salmorejo Córdoba’s

  • **Andalusia Gazpacho

    Typical Andalusia Cold Soup Garlic, Tomato, Peppers and Cucumber Served with Garniture

  • Ajo Blanco Malagueño **

    Typical Malaga Almonds and Garlic Cold Soup             Served with Apple, Grapes or Raisins

  • Garlic Soup en Costra “Marbella Patio”

    Bread, Egg and Serrano Ham

  • * Soup of the Day

  • Homemade Lasagna Bolognese

  • **Spaghetti Marbella Patio

    Served with Spinach, Mushrooms and Pine Sprockets

  • Spaghetti with Garlic and Clams

  • Spaghetti Bolognaise

  • Spaguetti Carbonara

  • **Bread with Tomato

  • Panete **

    With Garlic and melted Cheese

  • **Garlic Bread

  • **Bread

    With Butter and Virgin Olive Oil

  • Arroz Negro con Sepia y Almejas

    Arroz, Sepia, Gambas y Almejas

  • "Marbella Patio" Rissoto

    Rice, Prawns, Calamari And Wild Mushrooms

  • Paella “Marbella Patio”

    Rice, Fish and Shellfish x 1pers.

  • Mixed Paella

    Rice, Fish, Chicken, Pork And Fresh Vegetables x 1pers.

  • ** Vegetarian Paella

    Rice and Fresh Vegetables x 1pers.

  • Baked Sea-Bass in sea Salt

    Served with Potatoes and Vegetables

  • Grill Sea-Bass a la Espalda

    With Garlic, Potatoes and Vegetables

  • Sea-Bass in Dill sauce

    With Potatoes and Vegetables

  • Grilled whole Squid

    Served with Salad and Fresh Vegetables

  • Kataky Seared Tuna-Fish

    Served with Soya Noodles And Caramelized Tomatoes

  • Sole Fillets “Marbella Patio”

    Champagne sauce with Prawns Served with rice and Fresh Vegetables

  • Sole Fillets “Meuniére”

    Lemon and Parsley Butter Sauce Served with Potatoes and Rice

  • Grilled Sole

    Served with Salad and Fresh Vegetables

  • Traditional "Malaga Fried Fish Plate"

    Fresh Vegetables

  • Swordfish Mustard and Basil Sauce

    Con Arroz y Verduras

  • Grilled Swordfish

    Served with Salad and Fresh Vegetables

  • Baked Salmon

    Cooked with Potatoes and Fresh Vegetables

  • Salmón a la PlanchaGrilled Salmon

    Served with Salad and Fresh Vegetables

  • Beef Fillet-Migno “Marbella Patio”

    A Red Wine Reduction, Boletus, and Foie-gras Sauce Served with Potatoes and Vegetables

  • Beef Prime Fillet-Mignon Grilled

    Or in Pepper, Roquefort or Cream Sauce Served with Baked Potato and Vegetables

  • Beef Prime Entrecote Steak Grilled

    Or in Pepper, Roquefort or Cream Sauce Served with Baked Potato and Vegetables

  • Traditional Oxtail Stew

    With Vegetables Served with Chips

  • Prime Fillet of Pork Ibérico Grilled

    Served with Baked Potato an Salad

  • Prime Fillet of Pork Ibérico Grilled

    Con Patata al Horno y Ensalada

  • Duck Confit “Marbella Patio”

    Malaga wine sauce Served with Potatoes

  • Chicken inThai Red Curry

    Served with Rice

  • Chicken Breast in a Cream Sauce

    Served with rice and Potatoes

  • Grilled Chicken Breast

    Served with Chips

  • Roasted Suckling Pig

    Segovia Traditional Roasted With Potatoes and Fresh Salad

  • Leg Of Suckling Lamb

    Spanish Traditional Roasted With Potatoes and Fresh Salad

  • Sangría de Cava

  • Martini Rojo,Blanco Seco ó Bianco

  • Nestea, Trina Tea, Acuario y Similares

  • Sangría

  • Málaga Virgen,Jerez Medium ó Dulce

  • Pinta, Tanque, 1/2 L Grifo AMSTEL

  • Salud Lanjaron sin Gas

  • Botella Coronita Import

  • Botella 1/3 Nacional, Amstel, Similares

  • Botella 1/3 Nacional sin Alcohol

  • Fonte Forte Lanjarón con Gas

  • Botella 1/3 Heineken Import

  • Caña Grifo AMSTEL

  • Zumo de Melocotón,Manzana,Piña,Tomate

  • Campari Zumo Naranja Natural

  • Campari Soda

  • Jerez Fino La Ina, Manzanilla y Similares

  • Karamel Pudding Home-Made

  • Chocolat Mousse Home-Made

  • Fresh Pineapple

  • Home-Made Catalan Créme Caramel Burnt

  • Mixed Ice-Cream Two Flavours

  • Ice - Cream Pie Whisky

  • Surprise Crêpes "Marbella Patio"

  • Cheese-Cake with Fruits of the Forest

  • Assortment of Mini Cakes

  • Apple-Pie Home-Made

– Ask for the dish of the day and for the special children menu

– We have marked with ** Vegetarians dishes

– Inform us on any allergies or dietary preferences

– Your comments and suggestions are appreciated

– Our objective is to satisfy our guests

-10% VAT not included